Sunday, May 20, 2012


Motherhood is elusive!

I wrote the following on my last birthday.
A monumental day!
The day my latest baby was conceived.

I just read my thoughts again,
And recognised the pain in my heart.
The acceptance, the wanting and the hope that lay in my words.

Motherhood is elusive, it is something that I have wanted from childhood and today as I celebrate my birthday it is something that still eludes me.  Or is it?  Is mothering something that requires you to have borne your own child, to nurture your own flesh and blood, to love only those who resemble you in looks, spirit or personlaity?  Or is it something more? 

Mothering began for me as a small child.  It was expressed in the caring of dolls and the play with our cats.  My sister and I would bathe our dolls, we would change their nappies, we would dress them and we would talk to them mimicking the mothering behaviours of our own mother expressed to our younger siblings.   Our cats did not escape the intrinsic mothering instinct.  They shared the dolls wardrobe as we dressed them in their clothing and pushed the cats in the dolls prams.  Surprisingly, we never felt the scratch of complaint from our cats; they appeared to enjoy it as much as we did. It was expressed in the rescuing of mice from the cats and care that was taken to ensure they felt safe once again. 

My early adult years were spattered with periods of loneliness as I waited to meet someone that I wanted to share my life with and with whom to start a family.  Marriage and mothering, in my mind, were never mutually exclusive.  Marriage would be shortly followed my motherhood.  As the years crept by and that prayer remained unanswered I gave up on the idea of mothering my own children and found solace and comfort in mothering the children of my siblings.  I found joy in that role and cultivated the status of favourite aunty.  My weekends were often filled with the company of little people that I could mother.  A little different than mothering dolls and cats and oh so much more rewarding. 

I met my beautiful and oh so very handsome husband, Ronnie, when I was 34.  How lucky I am that his mother took her mothering responsibilities seriously: she saw possibilities and arranged for us to meet and the rest, as they say, is history!  We married after a short courtship and decided to commence the journey into parenthood immediately.  We talked of traditions we would like introduce to our children, we talked of the joys of mothering and fathering.  We dreamt, we hoped and we prayed but those children did not come.  Mothering my own children was a yearning that remains unsatisfied. 

There were some miracles; lives were created, but were short lived.  My heart soared with joy, with hope with delight only to come crashing to depths my soul has not known before.  With each successive loss my heart broke a little more, I changed, I hurt and I softened.  I feel my children, I am waiting for the time when they can become a part of my life, when I can love them, nurture them, treasure them.  I wait for the time when I can continue mothering.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa
I am a little late in writing this letter.
To tell you the truth, I wasn't going to write but my nephew Campbell said I should write to you.
You know Campbell, his mum had to call and talk to you about him not eating his vegetables.
Not sure if you know or not but he ate some, not all but some of them!

Anyway, I was talking to Campbell the other day about wanting two babies.
Be said he knew how I could get some.
He said that I need to write you a letter.

So here it is Santa.

Can I please have some babies? I have mentioned two but would prefer three but at this point would even be happy with one.

Campbell said that I should tell you I have been trying to be good, apparently that is what he told you. I have Santa, I have been trying to be good, so has Ronnie.
We have both been good and would love some babies. You don't have to put them in the mail tomorrow as Campbell suggests, traditional means is fine. We will do our part there. Although, come to think of it Santa, I don't care how they get here. I would just like a few!

Thanks for listening Santa, this is very important to Ronnie and me! I know you have been busy lately. I sure hope I didn't disrupt you rest too much.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh, the love...

I just had lunch with Ronnie...
And Shadow!!!

He called to say "they" were out and about, had I had lunch yet.
(I am at work)
What a softie! 
Got to love that man.

She soothes the soul,
A very welcome addition.
A beautiful little puppy
Who makes me and Ronnie smile. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

How lucky I am!!!!

Now some of you may disagree.
And I even do at times.
But not this week.
This week I have the BEST husband in the world.

Why, you may ask?
He brought home the cutest little ball of love and fluff, for ME!!!!!
So what, everyone loves a puppy, you may think.
But not Ronnie. 
He said he would never have a dog.
But because I wanted her,
Because he loves me,
Because he wanted me to smile.
He sneakily bought her while I was a work.

Oh, she is so cute.
And I think I love her,
But most of all I love to see how tender Ronnie is with her.
Ronnie worried about her today,
How would she cope home on her own for the first time?
I love his kindness, his selflessness and his generosity.
I am lucky because I have a cute little dog to love.
But I am luckiest because I have a husband, a friend, a partner and companion who loves me and I love Him.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How do you stop the wanting...

I think today is a "poor me" post.
Maybe a little self -therapy in my post.
Sometimes writing helps clarify my thinking.

I just feel so sad and don't know how to fix it.
I feel so heavy.
I feel so lonely and so alone.

Someone tell me what to do, please.
Someone tell me how to heal this broken heart.
Someone, can you just take this pain away, please.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

5 Sisters and 1 Brother


Five sisters... 

and one brother.

Next time we are all in the same country at the same time,
lets get a photo together.
Someone is always missing!